24/1 15:00-20:00


Epicenter Amsterdam

Appetite for news? Start the new year with the latest new tastes.

Concentrating on giving you hands-on experience, you’ll be able to taste what the newest technologies create. From coffee in the blockchain to cricket burgers, come try it for yourself. 
Meet: Thomas van der Boezem, StartLife Thomas van den Boezem is Program Director at StartLife. Thomas will share his and StartLife's exciting view on the Future of Food and present some brand new start-ups.

Meet: Bart Drion, Moyee Coffee: World's First Fairchain Coffee - The Impact of Radically Good Coffee

These are the tastes that will shape your future:

  • 3d printed food (ByFlow),
  • Cricket-burgers from Burgs Foods.
  • Bite in a lemon and enjoy the sweet taste(!) by M-berry.
  • Comfort food goes vegan: taste Sugo Vegan Pizza
  • Hybrid Meat ingredients from Dutch startup Meatless   

Welcome from 15.00. The presentations start at 15.30. From 16.30 on, the 'Free Flow Future Food Market' opens and from 17.30, the party is on!

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📆 January 24th
🕓 15:00–20:00PM
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